Letters to Maximus

Dear Maximum Desimus Meridius,

I come to you once again with answers to your question, “Are you entertained?”

For this Presidents’ Day Weekend, I believe I was.

For the day of Valentine’s, we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art after a hearty meal of hotdogs from Grey’s Papaya. The meal was delicious, though slightly marred by the fact that I had mixed mustard and ketchup–the ketchup alone would’ve sufficed. The highlight of going to the Met was that we had decided to park in the museum parking lot. Living in Jersey and working in New York, our initial compulsion was to take a train to avoid the traffic, then when we decided to bring the car because hauling child and stroller around would’ve been a heavy workout, we decided to bring the car. We could’ve parked somewhere free (probably ten blocks away from the museum) and taken the train or walked to the museum, but since it was the day of Valentine’s, we decided, “Why not?” It cost us an extra $25 to pay the parking fee, but no matter. We hardly spent anything for the entrance fee because my husband is a student preparing for his Masters and the child’s free in admission.

After we left the Met, fairly educated, we headed to Chinatown where we searched for some replacement phones. We ate a snack of Bubble Iced-Tea and man-sized pigs in a blanket, which the child gobbled up. On our way home, we picked up cardiac delights of deep-fried salted pork bellies and another Filipino dish called Palabok (rice noodles with bits of shrimp, cracklin’, spring onions, boiled egg, and an inexplicably yellow sauce), and headed home for dinner.

We got home and hubby and I had a little spat, so dinner was wrechedly quiet. All things considered, we were fairly entertained.

The following day, I decided to vegetate in bed watching first CSI, then NCIS, CSI: NY, and Numb3rs. I contemplated watching Girls Next Door, but after seeing that JIM BEAM COMMERCIAL “THE GIRLFRIEND”
and the Burger King Burger Shots commercial,


I felt nauseated by the anti-feminist sludge that I decided I couldn’t. So while the latter part left me unentertained, I was mostly entertained.

So, hubby and I decided we’d first watch UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS, then SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRES.

First of all, let me tell you, Maximus, that I was thoroughly entertained by both movies, but let me tell you why in both cases.

I have always been a fan of the UNDERWORLD series. Not only do I love vampires and warewolves, but when they’re represented by beautiful people and a good storyline, I’m in Underworld heaven (is that possible?). While I know the legend of the rise of the lycans from the original Underworld movies, I thoroughly enjoyed how they retold this tragic tale. The effects, mood, characters, and cinematography stayed true to the original Underworld tales, so I thoroughly appreciated the continuity. Because as you know, Maximus, there’s nothing I hate more in multi-part movies than changing characters midway, like in those Mummy movies, where they changed Rachel Weiss for that other actress I couldn’t remember what her name is.

SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE is a completely enjoyable movie. It was Oscar-worthy in a sense that the production was awesome, acting was great, and parts of it was thoroughly depressing, but it was absolutely enjoyable because unlike the tiresome usual tragic ending Oscar movies tend to have (no offense, Maximus), this one ended satisfyingly happy. It even had a happy dance in the end in lieu of the after-life throw-you-a-bone happy endings (aka, Main Characters Are Dead but Really, They’re In a Happier Place Now sucker endings). So yes, for an Oscar-smart time with an ending that, for once, won’t leave heavy emotional feelings of sadness in your heart, you must watch SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE.

Here I conclude my letter, Maximus. I shall write to you again, for no doubt, I will have occasion to answer your all-important question again.

Until then, I am, most humbly



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